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What is memory foam mattress topper?


Memory Foam Mattress topper refers to a mattress topper that uses memory foam as the material, also known as slow rebound sponge, situation sponge, zero pressure sponge, space cotton, etc. It has the characteristics of decompression, slow resilience, temperature sensitivity, breathability and antibacterial and anti-mite. This Memory Foam Mattress Topper can absorb and decompose the pressure of the human body. According to the changing temperature and hardness of the human body, it can accurately shape the body contour and bring a sense of pressure fit. At the same time, it provides effective support to the body. It has been proven by medicine to effectively relieve skeletal muscle pain, assist in the treatment of cervical and lumbar problems, reduce insomnia such as snoring and overturning, prolong deep sleep time, and improve sleep quality.

2 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper Queen4 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper


We must know how to identify and buy a real memory foam mattress topper to effectively improve the sleep effect. The market is full of various cottage products, using ordinary sponges as raw materials to add various chemicals to process synthetic mattresses The degree is limited, and it may not be noticeable that harmful substances absorbed by the body every day will cause damage to human health.

Advantages and disadvantage


Temperature sensitivity: The material of the memory foam mattress topper is very sensitive to temperature, and can provide a suitable degree of softness and hardness according to the temperature of different parts of the human body, so that each part of the body can rest and relax well.

Slow rebound: Memory foam is also called slow rebound, it means that when the product is depressed by pressure, it will not show strong rebound, but will slowly return to its original state after the pressure is removed, which can be very good. The pressure of the contact point between the human body and the mattress is evenly distributed to achieve the most comfortable state.

Decompression: The biggest feature of the memory foam mattress topper is that it can absorb and decompose the pressure of the human body, and the general mattress will have a reaction force on the human body, then the spine and joints will be compressed by the mattress, and the person will feel sore and paralysis, and memory foam has no reaction force, people are like floating in the clouds, the body's blood is smooth so people will sleep comfortably.

Safety and environmental protection: The unique material of the memory foam mattress topper can well inhibit the growth of bacteria and mites, which is very good for pregnant women and children who are easily allergic, and people who sleep on it do not feel hot and feel very transparent.


In addition to being sensitive to temperature, memory pads also have the characteristics of heat storage. Therefore, in an environment where the temperature continues to rise in summer, if there is no air-conditioning in the room, it is best to temporarily stop using memory foam mattresses topper; Secondly, memory mattresses will harden when the temperature drops.

The difference

Different materials

Memory foam mattress topper, also known as slow-rebound memory foam, is made of space-resilient material, which is sensitive to temperature and can fit the human body according to the change of human body temperature, shape the human body curve. Latex mattresses are divided into natural latex and synthetic latex. Natural latex is made from oak sap and molded by evaporation. Synthetic latex mattresses are made from oil.

Different appearance

The material of the memory foam mattress topper is an open viscous cell material, which is relatively smooth to the naked eye. The touch surface is very soft and elastic. Press it with your hand and it will restore its original shape in 3-5 seconds; latex mattress due to the particularity of the production materials, the appearance of latex mattresses has many honeycomb pores. The touch surface is relatively smooth and smooth like baby's skin. When pressed by hand, the mattress with great elasticity will bounce back immediately.

Different characteristics

The memory foam mattress topper has the characteristics of slow rebound and strong temperature sensitivity. Generally, the human body sleeps on the memory foam mattress topper. The mattress does not have a reaction force on the human body, which can eliminate the pressure of the human body and relax the neck Department and waist. The latex mattress has good breathability and high elasticity, which can meet the needs of people of different weights, sterilization and anti-mite, and the effect of correcting sleeping posture. Another advantage is that there is no noise and frequent turning will not affect your partner.

Different comfort

The memory foam mattress topper is relatively soft and comfortable to sleep. In comparison, latex mattresses are harder.

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