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Shenzhen Comfity Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional memory foam manufacturer. It has been specialized in the field of home&kitchen for over 10 years, focus on the research, development and production of innovative memory foam. It manufactures products with high quality and competitive price for customers all over the world, 90% of our products are exported to Europe and United States. Factory occupies an area of 10000 square metres and 50 millioms outputs per year, strong ability in research and develop of new products or ideas, customize products according to customer's requirements, which makes comfity become one of best suppliers of memory foam products in China. OEM&ODM orders are warmly welcomed. We always stick to the spirit of "creating value for partners", "Providing Excellent Products", "Satisfying Our Customers" and "Achieve win-win". With this aim in mind, we develop high quality Memory Foam Mattress topper and pillow series which are more comfortable and healthy. With our experienced technicians, good management and well-equipped machinery, we believe that we can make progress together with you. We believe that honesty is the foundation of all cooperation, tolerance is the prerequisite for solving problems, innovation is a weapon for the development of business, and service is the foundation for creating value. We hope we have this honer to create value for you in the near future.
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  • Memory foam mattress topper refers to a mattress topper that uses memory foam as the material, also known as slow rebound sponge, situation sponge, zero pressure sponge, space cotton, etc. It has the characteristics of decompression, slow resilience, temperature sensitivity, breathability and antibacterial and anti-mite. This memory foam mattress topper can absorb and decompose the pressure of the human body. According to the changing temperature and hardness of the human body, it can accurately shape the body contour and bring a sense of pressure fit. At the same time, it provides effective support to the body. It has been proven by medicine to effectively relieve skeletal muscle pain, assist in the treatment of cervical and lumbar problems, reduce insomnia such as snoring and overturning, prolong deep sleep time, and improve sleep quality. Precautions We must know how to identify and buy a real memory foam mattress topper to effectively improve the sleep effect. The market is full of various cottage products, using ordinary sponges as raw materials to add various chemicals to process synthetic mattresses The degree is limited, and it ma
  • We`ve gathered together the wide array of benefits that come hand in hand with the best bed toppers around to help you achieve that elusive perfect night`s sleep. You might be surprised what a difference a quality memory foam mattress topper could make on your sleep. From health benefits to breathability, let`s take a closer look at what`s on offer... 1. Comfortable and Supportive Memory Foam If your mattress is a little too firm or uncomfortable, a luxurious layer of memory foam is ideal. Memory foam moulds to every curve of your body, cradling you throughout the night and ensuring a restful and relaxing sleep. By easing pressure points such as hips and shoulders, you can say goodbye to poky springs and the aches and pains that come with it. 2. Incredible Health Benefits Sleeping on memory foam benefits your health, mind and body in so many ways: Full body support as the foam moulds to your curves Well-aligned spine and supported lumbar region
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